Property Management

What We Do: 

  • Excellent communication between our office and your specific department to make sure each department is fully educated on the policies and procedures.
  • Excellent customer service to help each department resolve any property issues that may arise.
  • Assurance to the management of Sonoma State, to the State of California, and to external auditors, that Sonoma State University is:
    • Safeguarding and making the appropriate use of University property.
    • Following the policies and procedures that have been developed for acquiring, inventorying, disposing, selling, or transferring property. This includes obtaining and preparing the proper documentation needed to substantiate that we are in compliance with our policies and procedures.

How do we intend to fulfill our mission?

  • By providing periodic training and training materials to the department property managers and property custodians
  • By helping departments understand the policies and procedures and helping resolve specific property issues that may arise within a department.
  • Through implementing University policies and procedures and the many new forms that accompany those policies, the property management department will be able to properly document and substantiate the property transactions that happen within the departments.