Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an Auxiliary organization?

Auxiliary organizations are separate legal entities that operate pursuant to written operating agreement with the CSU Board of Trustees, have separate governing boards with close campus linkages and follow all legal and policy rules established by the CSU system and the respective campus Administration. Auxiliary organizations were created to perform essential functions associated with a postsecondary educational institution, which under California law were difficult, cumbersome, or legally restricted for the university and were not supported by state funding. Auxiliary organizations are self-supporting entities.

Q:What isn’t an Auxiliary organization?

Auxiliary organizations are NOT ‘auxiliary enterprises’ which are functions or operations that are departments of the University. Examples are: Housing, Parking, Student Center, Recreation Center, and Health Center. Auxiliary enterprises are self-supporting activities.

Q: How many Auxiliaries does Sonoma State have?


Q: What are the Auxiliaries here at Sonoma State?

  • Sonoma State University Foundation, Inc.
  • Sonoma State Enterprises, Inc.
  • Associated Students of Sonoma State University