COVID-19 Communication - Updates on Business Operations


Travel Restrictions

See February 5, 2021 Memo RE: Travel Approval Requirement

In practice, SSU will interpret this requirement for presidential approval to apply to student, employee, and non-employee travel for university business only when the individual seeking reimbursement submits an SSU Travel Expense Claim Form. Requests for reimbursement for travel by outside vendors as part of their contract with SSU, do not require presidential approval.

All university- and auxiliary-sponsored travel must be pre-approved by the president through June 30, 2021. Please work through your respective vice president if you feel you have a compelling reason to seek the president’s approval to travel. Exceptions will be granted on a very limited basis.


With the University budget in place for 2020/21, financial services will rescind most purchasing guidelines put in place earlier this year.

Purchase approval requirements will revert back to normal business practices. Those requirements include the required approval by an individual with documented spending authority on the applicable trust fund, department, or grant.

In consultation with department financial administrators, a limited number of ProCards have been reactivated. Reactivated ProCards may be used to purchase technology following established IT and purchasing requirements, including an approved Technology Purchase Review form.  Technology purchases are no longer required to be coordinated through EOC Logistics. All technology purchases must be shipped to campus. Please refer to the ProCard handbook, for more information.

Continued Restrictions: The restrictions on Employee Business Expense Reimbursement requests will remain in place and employees will not be reimbursed for purchases made using personal funds. This applies to all funding sources, including grants, clubs and auxiliaries.

Shipments of supplies directly to an employee’s home require an EREQ and must include the appropriate administrator’s approval.

University Equipment

Please remember to complete an Equipment Home Use Agreement form for any equipment removed from campus. The form can also be found on the Financial Services website.

Contracts and Procurement

The business process stays the same, please submit EREQ's to, including any requests to cancel an agreement. All questions should funnel through as well, please do not email or try to call individuals. Accounts Payable/Travel Services/ProCard Reports.

Accounts Payable/Travel Services/ProCard

All payment requests: PO related, Direct Pay, EBER's(including receipts), Travel Reimbursements (including receipts), ETC... should be submitted to (hard copies with original receipts of EBER's and Travel Reimbursements must be submitted to AP when normal operations resume).

Payment and Travel related questions should be sent to please do not try to email or call individuals. ACH/EFT will be run daily, if you are an employee please sign up for direct deposit by submitting a direct deposit form. Please submit this form with cancelled check to the Vendor Registration website.

Checks are run twice a week on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s (excluding holiday’s or campus closure)

ProCard reports, please follow guidelines and instructions provided in monthly emails sent by Carrie Schmidt.