About the Departments

Accounting & Reporting

Serves the campus community by processing a variety of financial transactions including journal reclasses, charge backs, chartfield management, trust accounting inquiries and preparation of campus financial statements.

Accounts Payable

Serves the campus community by processing payment of invoices, direct payment requests, business related reimbursements, ProCard charge reconciliation, and Travel expense payment and reimbursement.

Accounts Receivable & Cashiering

Serves the campus community by maintaining accountability for students accounts receivables, assist in collecting outstanding amounts due to the university and overseeing the general cashiering function of the university.

Auxiliary Financial Services

Provides fiscal administration for all three of the non-profit, self-sustaining campus auxiliaries.


Serves the campus faculty and staff with obtaining goods and services to support their campus teaching activities, research and public services requirements through the processing of Purchase Orders, and Public Works Contracts.

Property Management

Serves the community by maintaining uniform accountability for all University Property, including accurate accounting, control, inventory, and disposition of University Property.

Tax & Compliance

Serves the campus community by ensuring compliance with federal, state, local and international tax laws.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid Office serves students exploring financing options to help them achieve their educational goals.

Seawolf Services

The SSC is a one stop shop where students, staff, and faculty can come to complete various tasks and have questions answered.