Business Process for Utilizing the Local Enterprise Rental Contract

Definitions of Responsibilities

For the purposes of these procedures, the following definitions shall apply:

Driver: the driver is responsible for possessing a valid Driver’s License (DL), providing all necessary vehicle rental information including names, DL of all drivers, and vehicle requested to the ProCard Holder so that a reservation can be made, pick-up and drop off of the Enterprise vehicle, and collecting the invoice either at the Enterprise branch or electronically to submit to the ProCard Holder for reconciliation purposes. All drivers must be at least 21 years of age.

ProCard Holder: the ProCard holder is responsible for reserving the vehicle on behalf of the driver(s) and paying for the rental(s) with the ProCard, if appropriate. In addition, the ProCard holder is responsible for completing the monthly reconciliation process including submitting the invoice(s) for the rental vehicle(s) when paid using the ProCard.

Reservation Process:  

  • The ProCard holder books vehicle(s) via email to the local Rohnert Park branch: using the corporate ID# XZCS002. The email to the Enterprise branch must include travel dates, times vehicle(s) needed, names and DL # of all drivers, and type of vehicles requested. A one week lead time is required, particularly for the rental of a 12 passenger van. In addition, the email must include if the driver needs a ride to Enterprise.
  • Due to privacy policies, local Enterprise branches can’t store credit card numbers on file within the branch. SSU department ProCard holders can set up a direct bill account for local rentals only which allows for University renters to pick up a vehicle without presenting a personal credit card. All rentals under the account will be charged at the time of vehicle return and an invoice will be available electronically for the designated billing contact within 48 hours of return via
  • The ProCard holder will receive an email within the next business day from Enterprise either with confirmation or denying reservation. If the reservation as requested is denied, Enterprise will provide alternate solutions, such as different vehicles.

Rental Vehicle Pick-Up and Drop-Off

  • Free pick up is only available at the Rohnert Park location, not at the Sonoma County Airport.
  • For off hours or weekend rentals, vehicles can be rented from any Bay Area Enterprise location including Sonoma County Airport (they have evening hours and additional surcharges may apply at this location).
  • The driver can be picked up at campus or home if noted in original email request.
  • The driver can pick up the vehicle at Enterprise.
  • Enterprise has a key drop box which means that the driver can leave the vehicle after hours and place the keys inside the drop box. • If dropping off vehicle after hours, there is no ride service. Note: Enterprise charges in a 24 hour billing cycle.


  • The driver can pick up the invoice at time of vehicle drop off during Enterprise business hours.
  • The driver can retrieve invoice electronically beginning 48 hours after the return of the vehicle using the DL number and last name of the driver for each vehicle rented. 
  • It is the driver’s responsibility to give invoice/receipts to the ProCard holder.
  • If necessary, the ProCard holder can get the receipt using the DL number of the driver.
  •  If the ProCard holder has a direct bill account set up, an invoice will be available electronically for the designated billing contact within 48 hours of return via